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 Something from my neck of the woods...

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PostSubject: Something from my neck of the woods...   Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:09 pm

I've been away from my personally imposed sharing duties for a while now, but anyway.

"Rawk and Roll ... comprised of past, present, and future members of such great local (and by local, I mean St. John's, as in Newfoundland, that chunk of rock hanging off the east coast of Kanada) bands as Da Slyme, Dog Meat BBQ, Schizoid, Red Scare, the Fleming Street Massacre Blues Band, Mike Wade and the Band From Hell, Hot Nuts, Liz Band, Jigger, Whodafunkit, Fur Packed Action, and more ...? BUNG formed in thee early 1990's, plied their noise and racket to St. John's, cut a demo for mca, released two albums, WHOLE, through Duckworth Distribution in 1994, and the second self-titled simply as BUNG, on Rock Can Roll Records eleven years later along with appearances on a couple of local compilations including the great Danger Falling Rock cassette (Best Dressed Records 1994) which featured the original recording of 'Found' which also appeared on WHOLE as an unlisted song kicking in at about 20 minutes or so after the last track, albeit in backwards form .. ha. They played heavy rock and roll with punk under/overtones sewn in, thoroughly kicking our sweaty, stinking asses all the while generally contributing to the local rate of hearing loss and tinnitus."

These guys were fucking legendary live, and despite having disbanded a few years ago, they still play the odd rare gig on special occaisions... so, here is the remastered version of their 1994 album, WHOLE, which includes two extra songs not included on the original release: a live version of 'Dead Man's Coat' (yielded from a 1995 soundboard tape; the song also was recorded in studio for their second record) and 'Found', which was mentioned in the above spiel, though this is the actual version, not the manipulated backwards one which appeared on 'WHOLE' as a "secret" track.

Hope you like it.
Here it be:

118.92 MB AF8T3TSW

PS: Apologies in advance for the MU link, just in case anyone has issues with them, and also, I'll soon be uploading the Silverfish discography (sans peel sessions as I still haven't gotten my mitts on 'em) in 320kb mp3 for y'all.

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Something from my neck of the woods...
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