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 Keep up the good work

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PostSubject: Keep up the good work   Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:54 am

Just a quick thank you to all the contributors at SGM for all the great music. I'm fairly new to blogland but I'm totally convinced this is the best blog on the net.

I live in Australia and don't get a chance to hear a lot of these bands unless I want to fork out exorbitant amounts of cash to import the CDs - at least this way I can try before I buy.

Having always enjoyed bands like Nirvana, The Jesus Lizard, Big Black, Unsane, Helmet, Shellac, Cop Shoot Cop etc., it's great to finally hear some of the other great bands that slipped through the cracks. Bands like Tar, Barkmarket, Tad, Kittens, Shorty and a lot of the AmRep stuff have been alienating my neighbours for weeks now. It's cool, I never liked them much anyway...

And Craw... how are they not more well known? An unbelievably great band, and unlike the others I mentioned I'd never even heard of them!

So to all the contributors, thanks a lot. Especially Gray, I love 90% of the stuff you post.

And guys, I hope you perservere with Colostomy Grab-Bag. Some great stuff over there too.

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Keep up the good work
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