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 Laughing Hyenas/Easy Action rarities and/or live material?

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lex dexter

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PostSubject: Laughing Hyenas/Easy Action rarities and/or live material?   Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:05 pm

I know we lost the mediafire link to the Hyenas covers 7", so I suppose I'm asking if that could be re-upped? I am a relatively new Ann Arborite and ON FIRE about Brannon and his various projects. Easy Action get no props around here, although there are "old folks" - I'm 33, which makes me older than the average scenester, but I'm talking 40s-50s blokes - who like me go to see the band no matter where they play in the state. Usually it's on a bill with young bands whose parents bought them fancy gear and who have more varieties of merch than they've played gigs. It's both terrifying and inspiring that Easy Action forges ahead regardless. They are the most devastating live group I've seen since I saw the Jesus Lizard play the show at CBGB's that became SHOW. My best pal here is considerably older than I and worked for the Minutemen's New Alliance label while my ex worked for SST. He cannot help but talk about Flag when he tries to describe how Easy Action's like "being hit in the face with a shovel." That said, he stipulates that the Hyenas added an element of self-degradation and danger to the live show that only junkies (and maybe that dude from Total Abuse, you dig them?) can do. Happily, Brannon and co. look like they've lived hard, and they drink beer like it was coming out a fire hose, but nobody seems like they're hurting themselves too heinously..

I can't post links yet because I'm new to the game, but there is a relatively representative live radio set of Easy Action up under the WFMU section of the Free Music Archive: they played during a show called Diane's Kamikaze [something, etc]. People could/should check that. I am sealing the deal on discogs to land all of the Easy Action 7"s, but again, any non-lp Hyenas material - and especially live stuff - would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile the Hyenas LPs have now rocketed to the 20-30-40-buck range like they were Stax 45s. Maybe I'll have to wait for them to get the 180g reissue treatment from Numero Group a la Codeine, huh? Or at least those Bitch Magnet reissues. Those things sound fucking g-r-e-a-t.

This site rocks the house, and the addition of the forum is a great idea. Thanks a trillion, champ.
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PostSubject: Re: Laughing Hyenas/Easy Action rarities and/or live material?   Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:25 pm

i have easy action,laughing hyenas and related rare shows,what do you have?
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Laughing Hyenas/Easy Action rarities and/or live material?
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