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 VOID - Live in '83

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PostSubject: VOID - Live in '83   Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:57 am

This is in answer to Gray's assertion that Black Flag's Greg Ginn cannot be eclipsed by any other guitarist in hardcore. Let me say that, ultimately, I agree. He consistently got weirder and weirder (his solo breaks on the final BF tour consist of mostly scratching, pick noise and random half notes, using a practically distortion free tone) BUT, and in this case it's a HUGE BUT, for a moment there before he tragically learned how to play, Bubba Dupree, the guitarist for D.C.'s Void came REALLY. FUCKING. CLOSE.

I'm sure you've all heard the Void / Faith split which shows some fangs as far as barely controlled noise laden hardcore goes and the Flex Your Head tracks that take it a step further.

Now consider that that was the band in the studio.

What I have here is ten minutes of the most blown out, vicious, brain melting, completely OFF American first wave hardcore your wuss ass will ever hear and easily makes the young pre-Damaged era Flag sound like Circle Jerks. It really depends on your threshold for noise and much you care about 'structure'.

Originally posted by Good Bad Music with some studio stuff thrown in by me for the uninitiated.

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VOID - Live in '83
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