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 Würm - FEAST (1985 SST)

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PostSubject: Würm - FEAST (1985 SST)   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:59 pm

Würm Feast (1983 released 1985 SST)

You should and probably already know this, but for the kids it bears repeating :
Würm were Gary "Chuck Dukowski" McDaniel's band prior to his entry into the legendary Black Flag as their first and best bassist (no offense to Kira or C'el. Dale Nixon, however, was pretty awful - sorry Greg!).

Let's get this clear. Würm were a Heavy Metal band. Not Hardcore, not Punk, not Thrash and certainly not Glam Metal. No, they're a straight up Heavy Metal band, the kind that would have existed if the Sunset Strip had never happened and the touchstones were still Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Blue Öyster Cult and Motörhead. Okay, maybe the fact that they were slightly self-aware is kinda 'punk', but ultimately that don't count for much.

So what you get is tons of dirty, heavy rock with weird-ass 70's boogie beats ala Mountain and The Nuge with completely over the top vocals (not screamy Zeppelin, but more yelly Nazareth or BÖC). Way more violent than the ironic garbage that passes for 'Old School' Metal today.

Good shit, if you got the backbone for it.
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Würm - FEAST (1985 SST)
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