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 Stagnation - Destraction EP & !! plus

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PostSubject: Stagnation - Destraction EP & !! plus   Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:23 am

They look like they smell bad, they worship Crass, Confuse and Discharge, probably have smokin' hot girlfriends - and STAGNATION are the best noise rock band goin' right now PERIOD
We're talking Ultra Fuzz Blood Muff guitars engaging in extreme wah wah abuse, high tension cable bass runs and howling idiot vocals all propelled along a shattered railway by exploding drums.

To my ears they make our bands like Slices, Migraines and Pissed Jeans sound like they're fakin' it.

Yes, they're really that good.

This file includes the "Destraction" (spelled that way) EP, the split with Exit Hippies (a whole 'nother can a worms there) and the amazing "!!" EP.

This is the future sound of hardcore, Far East style!

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Stagnation - Destraction EP & !! plus
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