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 RAT AT RAT R - 'Amer$ide {R&R Is Dead, Long Live Rat At Rat R}' (Neutral 1985) plus!

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PostSubject: RAT AT RAT R - 'Amer$ide {R&R Is Dead, Long Live Rat At Rat R}' (Neutral 1985) plus!   Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:54 pm

Here's one of my all time favorite 2nd Gen NY No Wave records RAT AT RAT R - 'Amer$ide {R&R Is Dead, Long Live Rat At Rat R}' which is damn near impossible to find on the web (I got two copies of the LP in NY back in the early 90's for 4 bucks a pop!) and also the 'Stainless Steel / Free Dope For Cops and Kids' EP (PURGE 1988) which I was extremely lucky in finding a long time ago and haven't seen since - so, yeah, rare as fuck.

'Amer$ide' shows a band that plays with the Post-Punk leanings of Joy Division and Killing Joke (not unlike their contemporaries in Live Skull) fed through a Swans / Glenn Branca / quasi-SST style Heavy Metal filter. Intense, at times spastic drumming is coupled with noisy, rudimentary bass playing, corrosive alt tuned guitars and metaloid histrionic vocals creating a sound that recalls the eras art damage set but cuts it with some 'My War' era Black Flag thuggery. It's awesome as fuck at high volume!

The 'Stainless Steel / Free Dope For Cops and Kids' EP of nearly four years later is a full on Noise / Grunge record taking elements of the first record and placing them into a sprawling 70's progressive rock miasma (think MC5 dry humping YES while Blue Cheer and Stooges hold the Soft Machine at bay) . I have no clue what the titles for the songs are as I lost the original in a hard drive crash a while ago and they are nowhere on the internet.

Their final record, 'Rat At Rat R' (Sound League 1991) should be pretty easy to hunt down but if, for whatever reason, it's not available lemme know and I'll put'er up.

Victor Poison-Tete: Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Harmonica
Sonda Andersson: Bass, Bowed Bass (!), Backing Vox
John Meyers: Lead / Slide / Bowed Guitar, Backing Vox
David 'Rat' Tritt: Drums, Percussion, 'Rib Cage', Backing Vox
Don't be just be a BUZZARD, tell me what you think!


EDIT Feb. 2013: This was reissued (and remastered) recently by Ektro records. It sounds WAY better than this. I suggest you pick one up. I'll be uploading a separate file with just Stainless Steel soon and - when the Ektro issue goes OOP, I'll repost this original rip. There's plenty of tracks to hear on Youtube by myself and others if you want to hear a preview. Hey, and with almost 500 DL not a single "this is cool" or "this is crap" - and you wonder why no one does this shit anymore.


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RAT AT RAT R - 'Amer$ide {R&R Is Dead, Long Live Rat At Rat R}' (Neutral 1985) plus!
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